• Cupcake Shop Maid Dress Up
    Cupcake Shop Maid Dress Up

    This cute lady is functioning in a very cake search as a maid. She has several cute outfits, aprons and accessories. ...

  • Ice-Cream Shop
    Ice-Cream Shop

    You are a worker of the Donald Trump in this game. He opens a new ice-cream shop and hires you to manage it. Your goa...

  • Christmas Pudding Cake
    Christmas Pudding Cake

    Although the national holiday is over, the atmosphere of it appears to be in somewhere. Therefore this delicious pudd...

  • Frozen Ice Cream Pie
    Frozen Ice Cream Pie

    Are you wanting to form Frozen frozen dessert Pie? you may notice the foremost distinctive and fascinating methodolog...

  • Ice Cream On The Beach
    Ice Cream On The Beach

    Famous cook Sara opened a new ice-cream shop into the Hawaii beach. Because of that many people goes there. Sara mana...

  • Carrot Cake Cooking
    Carrot Cake Cooking

    Today are going to be teaching you ways to create a delicious Carrot Cake. directions are going to be provided to you...

  • Barbie Icecream Shop
    Barbie Icecream Shop

    She is Barbie and he or she is prepared to create some business together with her frozen dessert look. Facilitate her...

  • Bake A Cake
    Bake A Cake

    Use your mouse to decide on the cake you would like to bake. Then choose the matching icing, fruits and batter colour...

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